Innovative Solutions for Full Lifecycle Information Governance

France | Everteam is a software company specializing in content management and information governance. Everteam serves organizations around the world which require dynamic, scalable, secure, and compliant solutions to better serve their customers.

Combining expertise and technological innovations around artificial intelligence and automatic natural language processing (NLP) through its research laboratory Everteam.lab, Everteam solutions are available on a single software platform, and adapted to different business contexts. This allows hundreds of global companies, leaders in their respective sectors, to turn their information into real capital and control it, while reducing costs and risks.

In January 2020, Everteam became part of Kyocera Group (more than 76,000 employees worldwide, $14.6 billion in revenues), thus benefiting from new development and growth levers for the benefit of all its customers.

Everteam offices are in France (Paris and Lyon) and in Switzerland (Geneva).